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The practically-direct-translations for the characters’ names in the Spanish-language adapation of Breaking Bad crack me up.

Walter White: Walter Blanco
Jesse Pinkman: José Miguel Rosas
Skyler White: Cielo Blanco
Saul Goodman: Saúl Bueno

Duwang cake

Gandahar (1988) dir. René Laloux

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Sidonia no Kishi



My fake “blog” project/’performance piece*’ is due within the next few days. Send it an ask now and forever look back fondly on the time you helped me get a good mark on a project worth 35% of my grade that involved me making fun of MRAs, Bronies and people with bad tastes in music and anime.

Or, if you ever meet me, be able to reminisce and say “Why was that for an English course?”

To which I will reply, “I still don’t know.”